Hifu Italy is the exclusive distributor for Italy and for some European countries of the JC HAIFU system, which is produced by Haifu Co. Ltd. China, a corporation connected with the Chongqing Medical University, a technology center of excellence of China.

HIFU Italy provides the equipment, moreover, it provides installation, testing, training, maintenance and full risk assistance services.

The company provides also a fifteen-day training for at least two doctors and a technician at the Chongqing Medical University, China. After that, the selected personnel will be assisted for a period of at least 3 months in the place where the equipment is installed, by a doctor specialized in ultrasound treatments.

The systems installed by Hifu Italy operate in a network that takes the European Institute of Oncology as the central node, with which the medical institutions that adopt this ultrasound technology can share the medical protocols, as well as the training activities for the medical personnel who work with the system.